​​​​​​​things I Make:

  • ​​​Market bags
  • ​​Produce bags
  • Pillowcase dresses
  • Matching Mother-Daughter dresses
  • Scarves
  • ​Boot Cuffs and Hats
  • ​Crocheted items
  • Jewelry
  • Custom Designs

​about total refab

​Born from a compulsion to repurpose absolutely everything in life, from toilet paper tubes to t-shirts and tires,

Total ReFab seeks to capture the essence of living a sound, eco-conscious existence, all while doing it in a fashionably fabulous way.


​Combining fashion sense and sensibility; creating products that please the eye and satisfy the heart of the eco-savvy shopper.


​Creating and repurposing for an entire lifetime. Turning drab into fab on a continual basis. Crafting since my elementary school days (I once set up a craft table at my parents' yard sale to sell my wares).

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​Everything deserves a second chance.


​Paying honor to the past life of each item by using every possible inch of material that I am working with.  My husband's people (the Mohawk) believed in using every part of any animal the Creator blessed them with.  In this way, I too, give respect to the Creator and what He has put in my hands to create by using as much of the fabric as I can--When turning a t shirt into a bag, even the sleeves are refashioned into fabric jewelry or baby hats (and the scraps are used as stuffing in other projects).

because everything deserves a second chance

​Like what you see?

​View my portfolio and contact me to make something totally Refabulous for you.  I do custom work.